She gently opened her eyes, as he held her in his arms. She looked deep into his eyes. Those eyes which were so honest, those eyes which were so deeply filled with the emotion of love, yet she couldn’t feel any of it. She grabbed him with sheer anxiety and hugged him tightly. He hugged her back quite passionately yet she could not feel the essence of love in it. ‘Have I lost this emotion called ‘love’ after I lost him? ‘Why am I not able to feel love for this person, despite of the fact that he loves me so much?’ She kept on questioning herself. She was engrossed with his thoughts. The nostalgic memories of her ex-lover were flooding her mind as she was getting more and more engulfed with anxiety. The infinite moments of laughter and pain, the moments of love and the unbreakable bond of friendship was constantly haunting her at the back of her head.

She wanted to ‘move on.’ She wanted to give her life ‘a second chance.’ But how could she? How could she move on when life was too stubborn to move on. How could she love the person who was holding her in his arms, when the memories of her ex-lover was imprinted on her heart, breath and soul, so permanently.

Once again, she looked into his eyes, this time her eyes were drenched with tears. He gently caressed her hair and wiped off her tears. He had all the love in the world to give her but she couldn’t feel any speck of affection from him. She kept on gazing into his eyes which lacked the sparkle. The magic, she once felt had faded away. She kept longing for the same emotional connection which she could never feel again. She felt feeble. She felt dainty. She was filled with several fears. She was afraid off not being able to love again.

They say, we don’t loose love. We loose people. Love finds it’s way, again in one form or the other. But for her, it seemed, as if love was lost forever, for love was too stubborn to return back to her life in any form.
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