I woke up feeling empty, lost and directionless as if something was lost. then, I recalled that my marksheet is lost. I moved out of the bed after a while and had a glass of water.

Then, finally I began giving this problem a practical thought. I removed all emotions from my heart and tried to put my focus on how I can find my marksheet. I had my best, yet couldnt find it. So, now there Was only one way left and that was to re- apply for my marksheet. For that I had to reissue it from the CBSE board but before that I realized I need to go to my school from which I had passed class 12th.

Without any delay, I quickly went to the school. As I entered the gate, I felt pretty nostalgic. The mountains, the greenery all around evoked a sense of freshness within me. I felt better on reaching there. I glanced at the fields and was lost in the memory of my friends. That was the playground where we used to have morning assemblies. The school seemed as fresh, green and well maintained as it was one year back. Oh!! I wanted to be there once again. Someone has very rightly saidschool days are golden.’ Yes! school days are indeed the best days of ones life. No worries of anything. We are so well secured by our teachers. “Why is it not possible to study in school all throughout the life?” I thought to myself.

Soon I came back from my nostalgic thoughts to the present situation and entered the office…………(to be continued)

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