It felt like I had put on skats on my feet. It could not stop. I just wanted to reach home as soon as possible. I started looking for the marksheet on the way from college to my home like an insane with blurry eyes out of tears. But failed to find it there too.

On reaching home, I threw my sandals and by bag and went directly to my room. I took out all my files from the cupboard and started checking them one by one carefully. On not finding my marksheet in those files. I checked them again. I kept on checking them repeatedly by assuming that I must have made some mistake, therefore I am not finding it. Every time I looked in those files, I was being more thorough. I also checked in small pockets of the file as my marksheet was small in size and was not laminated.

Finally, I was tired and frustrated on not finding my marksheet anywhere. My throat was dry and I felt thirsty as I didnt even have a sip of water since morning and was running after my lost marksheet on that scortching sunny day of summer.

I went to the kitchen and had a glass of water. I tried to calm myself down, but failed. I lied down on the bed, and was lost into the ocean of infinite questions which had no answers. I kept thinking.. “Where could my marksheet go? Where did I keep it? How could I be so careless?” and so on….

I could see all those negative thoughts overpowering my mind once again and I was drowning in that. I had lost all hopes. I could not hold anymore patience to search for my marksheet.

I closed my eyes and prayed to God.
Dear God, please lead me towards the correct direction. Why is this happening with me? Please take me out of this situation. I dont want to be here anymore. This pain is unbearable. I want a miracle to happen.”

I kept saying these lines in my mind and didnt realize when I was fast asleep. I had a tendency to fall asleep, when I suffered from anxiety………. (to be continued…)

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