IHello, actually I am in a very huge problem. Can you please help me out?

Why? What happened? (sipping coffee).

I have lost my marksheet and today is the last date of submission. I am so much worried. I dont understand what to do. I need your help. Can you please come with me to the department of Political Science. I was there in the morning. May be I had left it over there.

– (very calmly) You lost your marksheet. Thats so funny.( with a sarcastic smile). Its your fault. Theres nothing we can do in that. Sorry, but we cannot help you. We have other works to do. We are not that jobless to involve in these silly matters.(they looked at each other winking and giving a sarcastic smile).

I could not speak a word after listening to shrutis words. I felt devastated. How can someone be so rude and insensitive towards others? I thought to myself. I could not believe that I live in such a world which is so selfish. I was shocked to see that her reaction to the lost marksheet was completely normal. She showed no signs of sympathy or sorrow towards me.

I felt quite hopeless and helpless but shruti had taught me a lesson that day. I learnt that we should have courage to protect ourselves on our own at our hard times. No one else can do that. We must have the strength to walk on the roads of fire as well as roses all alone and must not wait for someone to help us out.

Therefore, I finally stood up and went straight to the department of political science. I searched it on the floor, on the desks, on the cupboard and even the drawer but sadly could not find it.I started feeling even more nervous. I started talking to myself all over againWhat if I dont find it ever?” Such questions started making place in my mind. I sat there for sometimes, placing my hands over my head which was sweating out of sheer nervousness. Tears were making their way to come out through my eyes. But I was not allowing them to flow as I kept on rolling them inside. I was not the kind of person who cries out her sorrow in public and I was maintaining that. But now, it had become unbearable. I could not bear the burden of my tears on my chest. I wanted to weep aloud.

I got up instantly and although felt dizzy and had lost all strength to walk yet I headed towards my home as quickly as possible………….( to be continued)
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