First of all, I immediately rushed at the corridors and started observing very keenly like a hawk on the floor. Several doubts were revolving around my head. I had a doubt of dropping it on the way while coming from class. I searched at every nook and cornor of the corridor but sadly couldnt find it. Now, I started feeling even more restless. I could see all the negativity of the world making huge buildings on my mind. I tried hard and brushed them aside and assured myself that i would definitely find it soon.

I realized that it was not possible for me to find myLost Marksheetalone. I needed someone who could help out in my mission of searching the marksheet. I looked around the corridor with tired and anxious eyes for help. I saw a bunch of girls standing at the corner, leaning against the wall. I could recognize them. They were my classmates. It had been just a week since my classes had started, so I hadnt made any good friend. I was by nature quite introvert and had hard time making friends. I wasnt close to anyone yet. I was the sort of girl who would not find anyone easily relatable to. This was the reason, I was quite hesitant to approach them for help. But then, I realized I need to open up, I could not do it alone and also had no time to waste.

So finally, I went closer to those girls, standing at the corner who were not unknown to me. But to my astonishment, they started giving me a skeptical look as if they they were hiding a huge bag of mystery. But well, its not their fault. May be, it was just what I thought of them. How could i judge someone or read their faces when i hardly know them? Several questions arose in my mindWould they help me? What would they think of me? Would they think of me as careless?”  and the list of question goes on!

Well, finally I wiped away all these distracting thoughts which came on my mind and gathered some courage and after a pause I started sharing my problem ofThe Lost Marksheetwith them……..(to be continued)….

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