A Few Hours ago….

Miss Maya : Come On! Submit your marksheet. Now it is your turn, Priya

: Yes ma’m, there you go!

Miss Maya
 : Priya, where is your 12th marksheet?

: Ma’m, I submitted you

Miss Maya
 : No, I cannot find it anywhere.( she said by looking into the files kept aside) I just received your Character Certificate, 10th marskeet and admit card. Thats all. Check it once more in your files. I guess, you have missed it out.

I started grabbing all my files and went through each and every layers of it. But I didnt find my marksheet there. I started feeling a choke in my breath, which was noticed by Miss Maya instantly and she saidDont worry, Priya. It happens. Things get misplaced when we are in a rush and have a lot of activities to do on the same day. First relax and calm yourself down and start searching it at the college as well as at your home. I am sure you will find it. Take the help of your friends too. Meanwhile, I shall make an announcement of yourLost Marksheet‘, in case if anyone finds it, shall return it to the office.”

Her words gave me a little sigh of relief to my nerves. I took a deep breath and then came out of the office and started searching for my marksheet……(to be continued)

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