Where did my Marksheet go? I had kept it safely in my file?” I kept pondering over these questions. “How could I be so irresponsible? It was my 12th marksheet. I cannot loose it at any cost. My life depends on it. It is impossible to get admission in college without a marksheet.” These thoughts kept on revolving fretfully at the back of my head.

There were a lot of tussle and chaos going on in my mind. I could not calm myself down. There was no way I could keep myself positive. People talk of beingpositivebut it wasnt possible at this situation. I was feeling so vexed at that time. I was overshadowed with all those negative thoughts. I started praying God. “God, please help me out of this situation ?”

I could see the sky of my life fully covered with grey clouds. Isnt it ironic that our identify, our career or infact our entire life depends on just a mere piece of little paper and the marks on them. At this 21st century, it is a sad  reality that the college authority believes in the marks obtained by us which doesnt match our caliber all the time.

Well, Indian education system! Here,marks define us and we have to abide by the rules. We cannot revoltas everyone wishes to complete their degree peacefully and get another piece of paper with some marks as qualifications for further studies and jobs. Suddenly, I return back to my senses from these web of thoughts and realized that I should no more waste my time brooding over these revolutionary philosophical thoughts and start searching for my marksheet as it was the last date to submit it in the college for admission!

Want to know what happened next?? Well, the next part is arriving soon!! Till then, keep guessing. I would love to hear your comments!!

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