Mom, I promise, within few years we will be standing on the terrace of our new house.”The sky was engulfed with those grey clouds, which reminded me of the day, when I had shifted from my village to a nearby city for a job.

And today I stand here, on the terrace of my own house gazing at the grey sky, the green trees and the little houses. They are telling me that although I have built a house I lack a home as my mom had passed away.

I keep,wiping off my tears standing all alone amazed at the vaccum of my life.

(98 words)

(P.SThe purpose ofoneframe storyis to see variety of ideas by different people on a picture. I found this onPlaying with words, Kavita Chavdas blog and wrote my ownoneframe story.’

Now, it is your turn. Write a 99 words or less story by observing this picture)