So Friends,

After this little achievement on WordPress which I have gained,I have decided to do something really very interesting for you all. Hope you will enjoy it!


You have 3 simple activities to do

1. Yesnow it is your turnand here is your first activity. If you are interested in translating poems into other languages, then you are at the right place. You have got an opportunity to select any one of my English poems, which you like and translate it into Hindi. I am sure you will do it beautifully as I have got many wonderful hindi blogs out there.

There is no lengthy process for this. You just need to post it in your blog after translating and then send me a link of it.

2. The second activity is you have to tell me a topic of your own choice which you would like me to write on. I think I have written enough posts of my own choice ,so now it is your turn.

3. And finally the third activity is really very simply and the most ‘funfilled.’ You have to share your opinions about my blog. Just answer these 3 simple questions!!

1. Why do you like my blog?

.What are the positive and negative points of my blog?

.What do you think,should i do to improve my writing skills?

So, now its your turn and I hope you will enjoy it to the fullest!

Keep writing! Keep inspiring!