” A sky sans stars is like a paper sans poems, full of darkness and no value….”

What is Poetry? Ever wondered why kids are first taught rhymes at schools and then asked to recite poems when they grow up a little? It is because, poems boost up our memory skills and sharpen it. It helps a kid in the development of their minds. Well, we all have done that and it is very interesting. Isn’t it? Poetry has many such benefits. I would like to share my opinions on poetry. I started writing poems at the age of 14. Since then, poetry has become a part of me. I express all my emotions through my poems. I live through poems. I enjoy writing poems a lot. Poems live in my soul.

A poet has the power to convey a simple message in a special way by the use of ornamental language.Poetry tranquilizes our hearts and souls. It has a healing power. It can motivate the people with low self esteem and bring smile on a sad person. It can do wonders. Poetry is the most powerful part of literature.

A person may die but the poet in him never dies. His poems never die. Great poets like Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Milton etc are no more with us. Infact, they left this world centuries back, yet we remember them even today. What could be the reason? It is because they have left their footsteps in the form of poems behind us. We love and relish their poems.

Poetry is instilled in my breath. But it is not like the breath which will stop one day. It is as vast as the ocean and flows endlessly like the sea. It is like a sketch on a paper or a painting on the canvas which conveys thousand messages. Poetry is like a glitter which can make a plain paper shine through its words. Poetry has great importance and its power should not diminish. We must try to expand the scope of poems and preserve it like a gem.

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