I have seen people longing for a company all the time.Well, I am not against the idea of having a company. But one thing which really pesters me when I look around and observe people , is it that necessary and mandatory to have a company all the time? It makes me ponder over several questions- Are we scared to face ourselves? Are we scared to walk alone? Are we so weak to stand up that we need a company all the time? Can we have a good time, only with friends and not alone? Are we growing so shallow inside? I have seen people who long for a company, even if they want to go to a nearby shop. I agree being with people can be really a lot of fun but this article will tell you that even being alone can also be a way much more fun, as you explore yourself!

What is the first thing which comes to your mind on being alone? Would it be exciting or boring? Well, that completely depends on what kind of person you are. But in my opinion being alone can be a lot of fun! Yes, believe me or just try it yourself. Just spend one entire day alone and see how you feel.

There are many advantages of being alone.When you are alone, you can reflect on yourself better. It will increase your communication with yourself. You will start getting a better understanding of yourself. It will also increase self love and boost up your self confidence. It helps you to recognize your strength and weaknesses. Also, we often tend to believe what others say of us. On being alone we will recognize our true self and realize how worthy we are. On this path, we will be astonished to reveal many of our talents and interests which we never knew we had!

In the hustle of your daily life, we tend to make certain mistakes unconsciously, sometimes out of peer pressure. Thus, it is the perfect time when we can reflect on the mistakes that we have commited so that we can rectify it. It helps us to grow stronger. For some people it might sound like a wierd idea or a boring venture but believe me you will enjoy it. But make sure when you are alone, do not lament over your sorrowful past and ruin your mood. Instead go with the bliss of being you. It will really help you motivate yourself and also when you are alone, no one can hurt you or ‘judge you’.

You might get confused as what to do alone with onself. So I am here to help you out with few wonderful suggestions which you must try and I promise you, you will not be dissapointed—–

1. Go on a long drive alone

. Play some loud music and tap your feet on it ( at home)

.Pamper yourself with a body spa at home.

.Try grooming yourself with different shades of nailcolors, lipsticks, dresses etc

. Try cooking a new dish and relish it alone.( do not share. ;))

.Pick up your diary and write about any memorable incident of your life which made you happy.

. Try, sketching, painting, craft work or any other such leisurely activity

.Play your favorite musical instrument(if any) or just listen to your favorite music.

. Play a solo game (indoor or outdoor)

These are just a few (silly) activities you can try. If you have any other adventuresome idea, you are most welcome to share it with me!

Being alone can really energize and charge you up. It can also take you away from those negative people in your lives who never leave an opportunity to pull you down like a crab. Those who disagree with me and say that friends and other people are important in our lives. I respect their opinion but being alone really helps you to make friendship with the most trustworthy and beautiful person and that is ‘you’, yourself. We must all take out some time for ourselves, daily where we can be actually us without bothering to wear any mask or show any double standards. We can simply be ‘we’. That space is important in each of our lives.

So please at least once try being ‘alone’. Break out from the shackles of your everyday chaotic friend circle and the everyday drama of negative people surrounding you and discover the magic within yourself. Enjoy!!

What is your opinion on being alone, ‘adventurousorboring‘? Share your opinions with me!

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