Dazzling dusky skies, full of lights,
with the intensity and wave of crackers
the swarthy sky shimmers at night
with amazing, twinkling crackers.

Their palaces are brides,
where the glittering candles glow
the aroma of incense lies
in the temples which I know.

The earth looks merry
They are all relishing
They are rejoiced and happy,
but I see my castles perishing.

I sit here silently, while others enjoy
I brood upon thoughts,so gloomy
looking up in the dark shiny sky
they embrace with gestures,so bloomy.

I sit here all alone
with no company, lovers or friends
I stare at them, feeling forlorn
longing you beside me,holding hands.

Lament over past undone job,
sorrow of not having your sight
This festival reminds me off
remorseful, lonely nights.

The sky is all what, I gaze upon,
endlessly, with hopefull eyes.
Hope that you too are looking upon
the sky which seems, a bride.

Joyful sound and noises,
around me, I hear
Inside me,is a vacuum, yet a voice
Of your echo, my dear

(P.S- I think i am the only one so stupid and wierd who is sitting silently in a corner and writing poetry on a Diwali night,when everyone else is enjoying, playing with crackers and having fun!!!)