Submerged in the waves,
waves of perpetual grief
my soul has becomes numb
and I can find no relief.

My eyes are dried up.
My heart is shrinked into silence.
I sob afresh and weep,
on this everlasting violence

My heart,body and my soul aches,
but, in him, I find no remorse.
The next morning when I wake,
I see my heart pounding even worse.

My own people has made me repressed,
tied a knot and restricted
I feel beaten, defeated and suppressed
for I have submitted.

So I paint this ideal picture
on this bright pink wall
with selfless and caring creatures,
no cruelty and love for all

My ideal pictures is a different world
free from prudish,ruthless people
Lies here, no speck of inequality
full of kind and loving people.