Today is 10th of October, world mental health awareness day. So let us celebrate this day as gracefully as any other occasion. My recent anxiety attack compelled me to include this serious topic in my blog…

Mental health is as important as physical health. But sadly, in India people are ignorant about mental health issues. Some of the psychological disorders are anxiety which can result into panic attacks and depression. These problems effect our daily routine and can have devastating effect on our lives. Mind and body are interrelated. In order to be physically fit, it is very essential to take care of our minds. If we suffer from anxiety,it can affect our bodies in many ways, such as-

1. disturbed sleep
2. indigestion
3. loss of appetite
6.choking feeling
7.trembling of the body

A person feels like he is locked inside his own body and there is no way he can get out of it. He starts feeling like crazy. The person inculcates suicidal thoughts inside him and even take such drastic steps because they are unable to cope up with stress.

In india, people are reluctant to seek out for help because we live in such a society where these problems are looked down upon.we all want a perfect sculpted body like that of celebrities.For that purpose we spend so much time,money and energy to buy and apply various cosmetic products but we ignore our mental health which actually makes us beautiful from within because a ‘ A healthy mind is reflected through our smiles and a smiling face is the most beautiful one.’

It is very essential to create awareness and educate people about mental health. It is treatable.we must reach out for help to professional councellors,psychologists. we can even share our problems with our friends and families or someone we can trust. Also, i we find someone suffering from such problem among our friends or locality,we must try to help them.

Life is very beautiful and precious, so live and love life to the fullest and do not forget to smile your way through.

So all these take me back to my question…. have you thought about your mental health???