Love in its exploited form……

‘Love’- a term often exciting and confusing for teenagers,deep and concrete for adults and static and adorable for old people. Love is a very beautiful emotion,we all agree to this fact. All of us, at some point in our lives,have surely experienced love. It elates our senses, fills us with joy and happiness and brings tranquility to our minds.

‘Commercialisation’ is a term basically used for business purposes. It has nothing to do with love. You might wonder why am i talking about two different topics which are not related to each other at all? Well sadly, in modern days these two have established a mutual relation with each other. Let’s find out how?

 There was a time when two hearts would naturally fall in love with each other and gradually get married. But today the scenario has completely taken a revolution. The concept of natural love doesn’t exist anymore. Youngsters of today’s generation have so called ‘ girlfriends and boyfriends’ just in order elevate their ‘status symbol’. They use each other for fun,money and material. ‘Valentines day’ is no more a day of ‘celebrating love.’ It has now become a medium for young girls and boys to exchange ‘ expensive gifts.’ If one doesn’t provide it,they switch to another. This has become a trend and everyone enjoys this tradition. There also exist a constant competition among friends.. No one wants to feel inferior. Hence, they hunt for more richer,good looking and better partners than their friends and also love to flaunt them among their friends. They do it out of peer pressure or to just fit into the ‘cool groups.’ It has become mandatory or else you will be labelled as ‘ outdated.’ They have no idea what real love feels has,indeed been commercialized.

So after reading this,don’t you think ‘love’ has turned into a ‘business transaction.’ I am sure, u must have found out some corrupted form of love that exits in modern days. I guess, now you have realized how massively love has been ‘commercialized.’

Interesting ! Isn’t it?