“May I come in,sir.” “Come in” oh! No not again! My secretary entered the cabin with yet another bunch of files.” Sir, you need to go through this files and yes u also have an important meeting with Mr.Raheja this evening. “Sure” I nodded as she left the cabin. I was so pissed off,I just wanted to bang my head somewhere. I flapped my laptop with a rumble sound and grabbed the first file from the table.                                                                                                                                   That night,I was sitting all alone in the balcony with my diary where I used to pour my ideas about life and how it traps us,enslaves us and we are bound to be submissive.I was calculating,how I became a puppet in the hands of my own life.”what are you thinking,my son…hmmm…about your girlfriend? ” “no mumma” I said in a low tone. My mom was my best friend. My dad had passed away, when I was in 10th standard. Since then,my mom had struggled a lot to meet both ends. Our financial condition was very poor and hence after completing my 12th standard, I decided to pursue an MBA degree and get a job as soon as possible.I could no longer see my mom’s struggle.                                                                                                                                                               Next morning was a Sunday! Thankfully! A day which I would spend with my mom but it was not free from office phone calls and work. I just took a glance at my table. It was so chaotic. There were a lot of files,piling up in a messy way, pending to be studied and I had no intention to study those. I was just fed up of my job. The chaotic condition of my table reflected the chaotic condition of my mind.                                                                                                                                      “You are 26 already. I think u must get married now.” oh! The ‘bridal hunt’ had begun. “No mumma! I am not yet ready.” “But what’s the problem? You have a job, earn well, now u must probably ‘settle down.’ ” how on earth is ‘getting married’ related to being ‘ settled.’ “Look,son! We need someone to share our lives with. We cannot live all alone. This is the rule of nature.” I did not speak a single word.I was so frustrated. How could I explain her, what I was going through?                                                                                                                                         I headed towards my bedroom to take a nap but I couldn’t sleep. I was awake,turning my position from ‘left to right’ and ‘ right to left.’ I wondered what I was doing with my life or how life was snatching away the Happiness which I deserved.’ Office life’ had become monotonous and I didn’t want to go back to office. I simply wanted to escape. My inner conscious shook me up and I decided to take ‘ a risk in my life.’ I thought I have had enough of it. I finally decided to ‘ resign from my job.’.                                                                                                                                                                My mom was stunned at my decision. Her ‘bridal hunt’ also discontinued but I was glad for I had realized that the ‘ 9-5 job’ was not my cup of tea. It provided me sheer sense of boredom. MBA was my biggest mistake. I was happy after leaving my job but at the same time I was anxious n fretful cause I definitely needed another job for a living.                                                                                                After two days,there was a declamation competition in a nearby club,known for developing youth’s personality. I went there and joined as an audience as I had no other work to do. It was a great evening. It was good to see so many budding talents on stage.There was a little girl of 6th standard whose topic was ‘ stop!just a second! No school teaches us what she taught that day. Her speech evoked me and left an perpetual impression on my mind.” Just a second! Where are you rushing! ” this was her first statement. She said how ‘quality’ and ‘qualifications’ are two different things. I realized that ‘ qualifications’ are just degrees and ‘ quality’ is the skill which shapes a person. Qualification without quality is of no use. But sadly, I had never tried to look for my qualities.                                                                                                                                                             For six months, I was sitting ‘jobless’ at home. But I had no regrets. I had got enough time to reflect upon ‘ who I was.’ I opened few couple of diaries which were full of poems and articles composed by me. I flipped over the pages and took a glance at my love for reading and writing poetry! Next month, I enrolled myself in a creative writing course,to brush up my talent. Also,simultaneously after a few months, I started publishing my own range of short Stories, poems and articles which received a great response from my readers. After one year,I started working as a ‘trainer and counsellor for youth’s development’ in a renowned company. I never knew,I was also good at public speaking. Gradually, I also started writing for a leading magazine. My works mostly focused on life’s values and youth’s qualities.                                                                                                                                               I was overwhelmed with my life.I was at the top of the game. My mom was also happy at my success. Earlier, I used to long for ‘weekends and vacations’ to relax myself from the hectic work. But now I relish and love my work. I don’t want holidays.I don’t feel the so called ‘ Monday blues’ anymore.                                                                                             Sometimes, it’s good to take a ‘ risk’ in life.it gave my life a new direction and above all my inner self was polished and shone bright all because of the  stop’ just a second’ speech.